Only delighted customers are loyal customers

We all belong to the ‘Generation CX’. The internet and digital devices have given customers a voice which has become more and more powerful when it comes to making choices and influencing others. The increasing digitalization leads to a more frequent change of customer expectation(s) accompanied by an accelerated transformation process. Accordingly, expectations and requirements of clients on their suppliers change faster and more often.

Customer centricity means providing an excellent customer experience by creating solutions which are one step ahead of customers´ expectations.

Customer Experience for products starts with the first contact and ends with the end of the Product Life Cycle. This entire period is called Service Life Cycle.

Only a few organizations understand and identify the real needs and expectations of their clients. Or even to derive valuable solutions from those identified needs. Usually none of them searches for hidden and unspoken expectations. The least of those hidden demands are identified even though Henry Ford stated more than a century ago already: “If I had asked the people (customer) what they wanted they would have said faster horses…”

Customer Centric service strategies can’t be lip service only. Customer Centricity requires personalized solutions for the customer which are developed in co-creation– having the customer with a holistic solution in the center.

Organizations that like to think and act in a customer centric way need deep knowledge about their customers: What are the real customer demands? And what are the wishes and expectations of those customers? This knowledge is required in order to customize products and services.

Particularly considering Digitalization and the resulting impact on Customer behavior and Customer requirements companies might need to question and disrupt their entire business model.

The paramount goal of every organization and all of their employees must be to transform anonymous customer knowledge to a personalized and emotional customer relation.

In co-creation with their customer CXC International transforms their business processes from a product centric to a customer centric culture and mindset. We will empower our customers to delight their customers and tie them sustainably.