Our Vision

Customer Delight is no Vision any longer but Reality.

Our Mission

Only if our customer achieves his goal we have achieved our goal.

CXC International is a Management and Strategy Consultancy specialized on Customer Centricity and Customer Service Excellence. In Co-Creation with our clients we develop and implement a tailor-made service strategy and the respective business model. In doing so, we empower our clients to delight their customers and to create customer loyalty.

Our Claim

Professionalism and holistic approach from analysis up until achievement of your objectives

Holism is our maxim:  Based on a Current State Analysis we define the required action plan to implement the targeted Future State. The achievement of your targets will be permanently monitored through the entire implementation. Deviations will be immediately corrected through effective counter measures.

Only when you have achieved sustainability of your targeted processes will we consider our consulting services as fulfilled and in addition if the success of the project is proved and documented through defined performance indicators.

Co-operative Management Consulting on eye-level

Partnership and entrepreneurship characterize our thinking and acting. The Management of CXC-International and the underlying network of selected senior consultants have a wealth of experience to draw on, which is based on long lasting and successful operational senior management experience paired with comprehensive expertise from many different industries.

Our goal is to empower you and your Management to develop your processes independently in the future with the successful completion of our joined project. Just then, our mission is fulfilled.

Continuous Improvement and Digital Transformation

The increasing Digitalization leads to constantly changing customer behaviour and exponentially changing customer expectations. We make sure that you identify these needs on-time and continuously adapt your processes accordingly.

Customer Service Excellence is not a status but a permanent process.