Customer tie comes through customer delight

One single negative customer experience causes about 90% of customers to seriously question their next purchasing decision. 80% of vendors believe they deliver great service. But just 8% of customers think they get great service.

On top: Customers won’t be tied with satisfaction. Customer tie comes through customer delight. And customers will be delighted through outstanding and excellent service only – a service delivery above their actual needs and expectations. To deliver this level of service hidden and unconscious needs have to be identified and served. The key to excellent service is to not only fulfill functional needs but emotional expectations as well.

CXC International knows how to successfully manage the required cultural and process change from product centricity to customer centricity.

It will become more and more difficult for companies to differentiate from competition through products. For Competitive differentiation organizations need to deliver excellent service. Only Operational Excellence with service processes leads to a positive and sustainable customer experience.

Companies need to think like their customers in order to identify the customers’ real needs. That will enable them to develop value-adding solutions for their clients.

Successful companies permanently adapt their processes, their culture and their way of thinking according to the changing customer expectations along the entire Service Life Cycle. The customer, the company and all employees will benefit.

Do you know the conscious and unconscious customer needs? Do you measure and monitor customer satisfaction? Do you analyse customer feedback you receive? And do you derive improvement measures through this feedback? Do you benchmark yourself with competition? Do you communicate improvement measures to you customer? Do you continuously monitor the success of the measures you have initiated? And are there corrective actions in case of deviation from target? And finally, do you ensure that measures will deliver the expected success sustainably?

It’s not sufficient to anchor customer experience in corporate strategies. The aspiration to deliver positive customer experiences must be part of the top-down lived corporate culture. The implementation of this customer centric culture requires most organizations to significantly shift their mindset. A change most companies struggle with.

CXC International is the management consultancy that combines the topics digitalization, customer delight, customer centricity as well as business transformation and brings all of them into a holistic context.