For customer delight delighted employees are a must

Delighted employees are motivated and engaged to deliver outstanding service, which in turn will delight their customers. Customer delight is required to sustainably bind the existing customer base and to win new customers. That’s the way to guarantee profitable growth – delivering shareholder value and justifying their invest.

In the context of Digitalization not only Customer Behaviour and Customer Expectation changes. Employee Behaviour and Employee Expectations undergo a significant change also.

Nowadays, there is an unprecedented difference between the generations when it comes to dealing with digital media.

Whereas the 50+ generation scores on their experience, it is their challenge to stay teachable in dealing with the digitalization. The young employees, starting in their first job after education or study easily deal with new digital media. This generation still needs to learn how to prioritize. And currently there are a couple of generations employed with a more or less equal spread.

Transformation to customer centricity needs a team approach where the team is the entire staff starting at Top-Management. The Management needs to learn to adapt their leadership style flexible to these requirements and to ensure employee retention through career development according to expectation. Work places need to stay attractive through all hierarchy levels and through all ages – content wise as well as organizational. The Company needs to convey a positive outlook to the future through future oriented products, strategies and visions. In order to achieve customer delight the company needs to live up to an authentic and positive corporate culture.

A lot of challenges difficult to master in times of full employment for professionals. In particular the younger generations are difficult to attract and tie through salary alone for them, working conditions are as important as employee development. Whereas for the older generations job security and company future prospects counts most for the decision where to work.

Today organizations need holistic concepts for employee attraction and development – starting from the search, employment, training and coaching through workplace design up to career planning and employee development; from the first jog up to retirement; from common employee to Top-Management; from technical service up to application support.

CXC International supports their clients to develop and implement holistic HR concepts in CX and Service. We enable our customers to delight customers together with the delighted employees.