One single negative customer experience jeopardizes your next sales

At present, the least companies understand to identify the needs of their customers correctly and to derive innovative, value adding and individual solutions out of them.

Quite some companies still try to achieve customer satisfaction through reaction time and optimized time to repair. Those companies miss that problem that causes an unplanned interruption – in the worst case even a job-stopper – comes prior to the need to repair. For customers that means an extremely bad experience since this problem usually occurs at a time when the customer wants to use the product or service.

In the context of Digital Transformation, changes in Customer Behaviour, Customer Expectations and Customer Needs change occur. Those changes lead to the fact that differentiation from competition through products or the core service itself becomes more and more difficult. Individual, unique, unexpected and value-adding solutions are required.

Digital Transformation in Service happens rudimentarily only in most organizations.

Customer Service Excellence requires companies to leverage the service maturity permanently. Along with the development of valuable and customized solutions, stepping away from reactive emergency maintenance towards a predictive or even prescriptive break down avoidance is a must.

Most companies haven’t even started to leverage their maturity level or they are at the very beginning of this journey. A huge opportunity to gain competitive advantage.

It´s hardly possible to achieve a competitive advantage through products.

Successful organizations demonstrate that they not only tie their customers through valuable solutions but gain sustainable revenue with high profitability on top.  At which level is the competition in your market? And at which level are you with your company? What happens next?

Regardless from your current service maturity level CXC International will help you to answer all relevant questions and to improve customer experience.

CXC International support their customers to identify their way out of the Customer Experience Dilemma and to successfully use the chances of customer oriented business models.